SP Mag Episode 7

Episode 7: 23/01/2014

This episodes filming tip:

Make sure you have plenty of time to shoot, It can take a while.

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Film making Tips from The Team 

This episode is all about how to shoot your first movie with tips from the Scratchn Productions team. We hope we have provided some great advice to help you film a fantastic looking movie. 

Tip 1: Keep It Simple, Stupid!
"A common mistake is being overambitious," says Virgin Media Shorts winner Jason Wingard. "I have seen first time film makers trying to shoot 20-30 min dramas or even features far too early. Shoot something simple."

Tip 2: Find an interesting place to shoot
Before filming, think about where your location is going to be. Make sure the location suits the movie, and remember; Even the most boring places can be made to look interesting.

Tip 3: Embrace your limitations.
Got an unusual prop? Make it the centerpiece of the shot.

Tip 4: Use a tripod
You don't want you're movie to be shaky. So Make sure you use a good tripod
when filming to create a better result

Tip 5: Use a light.
If you aren't using a light while filming this is a big mistake. Have a suitable light on hand to light up the set if necessary.

Tip 6: Edit you're movie
A movie looks much better with sound effects and credits so why not jazz it up a little! We recommend iMovie for Mac, iPhone and iPad and for Windows, Movie Maker.

Tip 7: Have Fun!
This last one is pretty much self explanatory.

Enjoy making movies! The Scratchn Productions Team.