SP Mag Episode 3

Episode 3: 4/9/2013   

This episodes filming tip:

Use a microphone when possible. It makes a huge difference!

What does Bickie say in Behind The Pig?

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Next month In the Mag: 

SP: And interview with the crew. (Stephen Cavenagh)

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  Behind The Pig.

How was Evil Pig made? Want to find out? Then you need to check out Behind The Pig, An 
insight into how our films go from a picture, to a five minute film. With exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of Evil Pig, Behind the Pig is simply too good to miss! Check it our on our website or on Youtube.
In other news, Scratchn Productions are due to release their latest film, Lego Adventure 2 following the success of the original. We caught up with Maxim Hussey who gave us a sneak peek. (exclusive to SP Mag)